Simply a collection of rare Android apps I've created, all tiny works of art to enjoy.

Coffee with Friends

Come chat at a random table of four and discover fun, strange, interesting conversations over a cup of coffee!

Digital Randomized Generator - FREE!

By tapping into the very matrix of analog and digital technology, the coolest random number generator in existence was created!


By utilizing the '1337' community's highly sought-after core TSLNA, or 'Top Secret L33t Naming Algorithm', you can now access your secret 1337 N4M3 publicly for the first time!

Random Activity Meter

Measure the current state of localized random flux surrounding your Android device!

Essoteric Knowledge

Know the how and the why all things around you exist. Knowledge that can deeply affect your perspective.

Rain Forest

An amazing and sense-grabbing animated rain that will take your mind for an audio journey through a randomized thunderstorm.

Guess What it Is?

Try and guess what it is before time runs out, and if you don't, it's game over man, GAME OVER!!!

Digital Decision Maker

Make decisions digitally, parsed through a series of simulated transistors randomized through your devices real transistors!

New apps coming soon!

I have several new apps in the works which will be online in the upcoming months!