Digital Project Packs

See how my Robot Protectors and Desk Buddies are created, step by step from the ground up.

Robot Protectors!

My Robot Protector Kickstarter project is complete, get one of these super-cool functional artworks now!

The Desk Buddies

The Desk Buddies adventure was also a success and you can find them right here in my store!

Hello and welcome! I'm artist John Bidwell and here you can
discover unique creations and even see how my artworks are made.
The Summer Sale is on - enjoy discounts and FREE SHIPPING!

Once the collective dream of abandoned parts scattered throughout a small laboratory, magnificent robot life has since been bestowed upon all their hopeful ambitions...

Take comfort in their protective glow!

"Friends for your desk, home, office and life!"

...Desk Buddies simply add charm and character anywhere they sit. Each set is hand-made, includes 3 separately posed figures & more! Only $12.99!